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The Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks takes very seriously its responsibility to provide a safe environment in its parishes and other facilities. All clergy and staff, along with volunteers working with children, youth, and vulnerable adults undergo criminal background checks. Training in the recognition and prevention of child sexual abuse is provided to children, youth, parents, volunteers, staff and clergy. In addition, clergy and staff receive additional training in ministerial misconduct and maintaining healthy boundaries.

The Diocese maintains a Victim Assistance Coordinator to assist anyone who has been abused. Any current reports of abuse are promptly reported to civil law enforcement agencies. Past reports along with abuse policies are reviewed by the Safe Environment Review Board which is comprised of community members.

The implementation of diocesan abuse prevention programs has been audited annually by the Stonebridge Company. The Diocese of Fairbanks is in full compliance with the norms of the U.S. Catholic Bishops Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and has received commendations for its efforts.