The Diocese of Fairbanks has had a review board since 2005. The function of the review board, created mainly of laity, serves as an advisory board for the Bishop in reviewing cases of abuse and Safe Environment policy. Thank you to the volunteers who accept Bishop’s invitation to serve the diocese thorough this ministry. The following are those currently volunteering their time by attending quarterly meetings:

 Richard C, Andy A, John P, Lois, Lawrence P, Rosemary A, and Jenny C.

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People – revised 2018
This charter sets the tone for the culture which the Church is trying to establish in response to the sex abuse crisis which has devastated so many people. Reconciliation, healing, accountability and transparency is the backbone of this Charter. To read this document in its entirety, click here.

To see a summary of each article, the corresponding Essential Norms, and how the Diocese of Fairbanks complies, click here.

The review board recently passed a set of by-laws for its operations. To view the by-laws, click here.