The Office of Religious Education and the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry has the following resources available for catechetical formation and training: 

Echoes of Faith Program

·         Adult Faith Formation

·         Catechist Set: Getting Started; Roles of the Catechists, Person of the Catechist

·         Methodology Set: Methods for Grades 1 through 8.

·         Theology Set

·         Workbooks are available for the above resources

Creating a Catechetical Plan for Your Parish

·         Planning materials based on the National Directory of Catechesis

·         Workbooks and workshop materials for planning.


·         Diocese of Fairbanks Approved List of Catechetical Materials ( Updated May, 2013 )

·         Policies and Guidelines for First Reception of Sacrament of Eucharist (Effective Advent 2006)

·         Policies and Guidelines for Sacrament of First Penance and Reconciliation (Effective Advent 2006)

·         Polices and Guidelines for Sacrament of Confirmation (Effective Advent 2006 )

·         Questions for Confirmation Preparation


Other Resource

·         Samples of most of the approved texts for catechetical instruction and sacramental preparation are available in the Office of Religious Education. 

·         Baptism, RCIA

·         Adult Faith Formation

·         Sacramental Preparations

·         Persons with Disabilities


Whole Community Catechesis

Whole Community Catechesis is an approach to parish or school religious education through which youth and adults as well as children are invited to participate in faith formation programs throughout the year. The entire community thus becomes the focus of all we do in catechesis.


The Office of Religious Education offers resources to the parishes to provide a whole community catechesis event for Advent and Lent. Other resources are also available to have other events during the year or to formulate your catechetical program around this model or the family catechesis model.