"Catechesis is the word to describe this essential ministry of the Church through which the teachings of Christ have been passed on to believers throughout the ages. Jesus Christ is the energizing center of evangelization and the heart of catechesis."

National Directory for Catechesis

The Office of Religious Education promotes the ministry of catechesis in the diocese. This office provides resources in the following areas:

Sacramental Preparation and Guidelines

Catechesis for children and youth

Catechist Training

Adult Faith Formation

Catechesis for Persons with Disabilities

Religious Education Certification Program (for catechists and other church ministers)

C-21 On Line Program for Religious Education Certification

Whole Community Catechesis

Vocation Ministry

Social Justice and Service materials

On-site visits to parishes

Approved List of Texts for Catechetical Instruction

Resource to the Catholic Schools

Resource to the Y-K Region

Collaborates with the Office of Worship and Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Religious Education Advisory Board

The Office of Religious Education clarifies and articulates a vision of catechesis based on the National Directory for Catechesis (2005); the General Directory for Catechesis (1997) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992). All members of the church share the duty to bear witness to their faith and catechesis is the responsibility of the entire Christian community. Catechesis is fundamental and central to the parish. Catechesis in reality involves all areas of parish ministry: liturgy, faith formation, prayer, community building, outreach and service, etc. This office supports those in the parish responsible for catechesis, encourages a process of life long catechesis with emphasis on adult faith formation and households of faith in the parishes. This office assists the bishop who has the primary responsibility for catechesis in the diocese.