The intent of the Alaskan Shepherd office is two-fold:

First, to provide our benefactors (friends and supporters throughout the United States and around the world) with the 'living picture' of our missionary religious and lay people through the writing and editing of the Alaskan Shepherd Newsletter. The newsletter is meant to keep friends and benefactors of the missionary Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks informed about and interested in its people and its apostolic works, with articles that are historically accurate, interesting, and edifying in the literal and best sense of that word.

Second, the Alaskan Shepherd program seeks prayer and raises financial resources which help the diocese carry out its basic apostolic ministries.

Novenas and Prayers: Four special Novenas are among the prayers and intercessions our benefactors may offer: the Novena of Grace, Novena in honor of Our Lady Of The Arctic Snows for Families, the Novena in Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Saint Therese Novena. (Saint Therese is the Patroness of the Alaskan Missions.) Please join us in praying these Novenas.

Giving and Items for Purchase: As a Missionary diocese, we rely on the kindness of our benefactors from around the world for the support of the majority of our parishes and programs.

Only a small number of parishes are able to support themselves financially. In addition to financial gifts of various sorts, we also make some small amount of income through the sale of books and items specific to the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks. If you would like to help support our missions, please donate.

Our ministries depend on the generosity of our donors! Thank you for your support and prayers, and know that you are in our prayers as well. God bless you.