Sacramental Archive

The Sacramental Archive is a central storage of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Death/Funeral records for the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks. The Sacramental Archive is a great source for sacramental and genealogical information. Due to the records containing private information, they are not open to the public. A request for sacramental records must be made to the Sacramental Coordinator. Once a record is found, the Coordinator can issue official Certificates. To request sacramental records you may fill out the Sacramental Record Request Form.

Please plan ahead to give the Sacramental Coordinator sufficient time to search for your records. Due to the condition of some archival materials or lack of information, there is no guaranty that a request can be filled. It is very important to give plenty of information when requesting a search. Providing detailed information helps facilitate a more thorough search.